Welcome To Fish Fingers!
We build. We maintain.
We clean.


Fish Fingers will build your fish tanks, pond and swimming pool


  • Custom made or prebuilt tanks
  • Install pumps
  • Install filters
  • Install heating
  • Install lighting
  • Install UV sterilisers
  • Install protein skimmers
  • Pond shells, lining, plumbing, tubing
  • Water features, rock features
Fish Fingers will maintain your fish tanks, pond and swimming pool


  • Filter media change
  • Repair pumps
  • Fix cracks/leaks
  • Water heating
  • Water treatment
  • Algae control
Fish Fingers will clean your fish tanks, pond and swimming pool


  • 20-30% water change
  • Gravel change
  • Clean glass
  • Clean filters
  • Clean rocks
  • Clean ornaments
Fish Fingers will clean and maintain your swimming pool

Swimming Pools

  • Testing
  • Filter sand change
  • Clean algae
  • Add chemicals
  • Backwash
  • Floor vacuum

Swimming Pools

Marbelite 90,000l

12m x 7m

Marbelite Designer 90,000l

9m x 5.5m

MySwim Swim School

15m x 6m

Ponds/Water Features

Koi Pond Marble Finish

6m x 2m

Koi Pond Water Feature

6m Diameter

2-Tier Water Feature

5m x 3m

Fish Tanks

Reef Tank

2m x 2m x 1.5m

Tropical Cichlids Tank

12m x 7m

Tropical Community Curved Tank



Who we are

Fish Fingers was started out of a need for personalised on-site building, servicing and cleaning of fish tanks.
The services offered have grown over the past 5 years and now include building, servicing and maintenance of ponds and swimming pools too.

Our history

Fish Fingers was founded in 2008.

The business has grown over the years to include fish, fish tanks, ponds and swimming pools.

Why choose us?

Here are just a few of the reasons to choose us:

  • Passionate about fish
  • Long-standing history in the pet industry
  • Specialist product training
  • 10 years + experience
  • Professional and reliable
  • Proficient in both freshwater and marine tanks/fish
  • Excellent customer service


061 411 7466


A phone call or SMS to the number above would be preferable due to the nature of the business but please also feel free to send an email using the form below.